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Crystal Maintenance

It always surprises me as some people doesn't feel the needs of cleansing their crystals regularly like once a day or every few days.

In fact, the logic behinds cleansing crystals that we are using daily as often as possible is quite simple. Usually we look for crystals is because we do need help from them. It could be some emotional distress, physical issues, or mental enlightenment, etc. And these are all due to overloaded negative energy in our body and/or too much negative energies at our surrounding. All these means that we will use lots of energies from our crystals and they are going to help us to digest away a great amount of negative energies that is far more than they could clear by themselves.  

Perhaps some websites suggest otherwise, like just using running water or cleansing once a month is enough. However, some of the factors are missed out. Those whom lives in bigger countries with more space and nature, their surrounding energy is much better. Singapore is more crowded and having high electromagnetic wave coverage, and our average working hours is longer than quite many countries, thus, a more stressful life. Even if we are more peaceful, those around us will give out negative vibes too. 

Another factor is that, some authors of those article, they could be healers who cleanses their crystals by their own healing energies unknowingly, or they are able to discharge most of their own negative energy by themselves. Therefore, lesser cleansing of crystals is required. Or perhaps, it is copy and pasted from somewhere, maybe they are not as sensitive yet? 

Even as myself, despite of being sensitive enough to be affected by another person in another room, or feel energies by looking at a photo, I wouldn't say that my opinions of different cleansing methods is totally right. Those are just based on experience throughout the years, and will be updating as more discoveries is found.

Lastly, if we feel much better holding a crystal, wouldn't it make sense that it has taken away lots of negative energy? Wouldn't it sound logical that a bigger or stronger piece of crystal will have higher capacity of holding negative energy and is able to last longer without being cleanse or easier to be fully cleanse? Shouldn't we take care of our crystals accordingly to our usage and their sizes?

I hope you will find this blog inspiring, please visit Crystals Maintenance for more info.

Love & Light

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