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Raw Crystal Pendant - Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Rose Quartz & Smokey Quartz

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Clear Quartz

Relaxing / Clarity/ Cleansing

Clear Quartz is probably one of the crystal that exist in the widest form of natural structure and texture. Clear Quartz is often used to amplify the effect of the crystal it is use with. Use clear quartz to cleanse the aura and also soothe any hype or disturbing vibration in the body. It is a good crystal to use for enhancing focus, sharpness and clarity to one.


Message from Crystal Tale:

Clear Quartz is a good amplifier, which can be used for enhancing and strengthening our own energy. I also use it when I want to add some refreshing energy as well as cleansing my own body. Although it can be used for all chakras, it works best for the Crown Chakra.


Amethyst (purple)

Focus / Clarity / Energy / Spiritual / Protection / Pain

Amethyst may be one of the most common available crystals in the world, yet this crystal’s ability is one of the most powerful. It can help to release stress. It has a firm energy that will guide one to clarity so as to obtain better focus towards what the wear wish to achieve.

Amethyst helps to simulate brain activities and also clears the fogginess of a tired mind, which makes it useful for people who does lots of mental work. It is also an excellent stone to block off psychic attack. It helps the wearer to stay still and hence helps in relaxing and relieves worry and panic attack.

It is great for relieving headaches and to reduce or cut bad habits.

Message from Crystal Tale:

One of our client feedback that amethyst allows him to remember his chord better while playing guitar. 


Fluorite (blue-green)

Relationship/ Emotions Relaxing / CleansingGeneral Health 

Fluorite is a soothing and gentle crystal that is able to help align the body to balance. It can also assist in having a better rest.  It helps one to absorb information and digest for processing quickly. Fluorite can also be use to calm an over anxiety, worrying or stress mind.  It is excellent for protection against electronic magnetic smog.

Blue Fluorite brings calmness and clarity to mind, enhancing creativity and helping us to organize thoughts. It is helpful for eyes, nose, ear and throat problems. 

Green Fluorite resonates with the Heart chakra. It is good at healing emotionally, and absorbing negative energy from its surrounding.  


Message from Crystal Tale:

Fluorite is a good choice to use for general health and helps in flu. I like to use it for better sleep and  it also helps me to release negative energy gently. I also wear it when I feel that I am unbalance and need more peace.  It is one of the crystals that I usually recommend as a present for all age.

Blue Fluorite is one of the crystals that I like to use while working, as it helps to clear my mind and focus better on work.

Fluorite is related to all chakras, but depending on its colour, it resonates better with certain chakras. Such as Green Fluorite resonates better with the Heart chakra, Purple Fluorite to the Crown and Third Eye chakra. 

Fluorite is softer than general crystals such as quartz.


Rose Quartz (pink)

Relationship/emotions/ Relaxing / Communication/ Pain

Rose Quartz, a crystal popular named as Love stone, this crystal is helpful in rekindle love, repairing relationship, supporting those who have issues in receiving love and help from others.

Rose Quartz can also help the wearer to feel less frustrated with surrounding energy and It can provide comfort to those who have insecurity emotion. It assists in better rest at night, especially those who have trouble sleeping due to excess thinking or worries.  


Message from Crystal Tale:

Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart chakra. It is useful for people who do a lots of PR in work. It can also smoothen the aura of a strong character person, so as to make other feel more approachable. Like one of my client, after she uses her rose quartz bracelet, she realises that her friends being to share with her more.

It is an excellent crystal for clearing past emotional issue. Sometimes we might not be aware consciously, yet it is affecting our behavior and attitude towards our surrounding. Some clients of mine will recall past issue and burst into tears after using Rose Quartz. This is a way of releasing, and after so, they feel much lighter.


Smokey Quartz (light brown)

Focus/ Protection / Cleansing / Pain

Smokey Quartz provides a supportive protection especially against psychic attack or ill intention. It is one of the gentle grounding crystal, it helps to lift up mood and not compromising the grounding needs for the wearer.

Smoky Quartz helps to strengthen the motivation needed to help one to achieve goals and changes. It is an excellent crystal for blocking against radiation from electronic devices, planes and other radioactive machines.


Product Description:

Necklace length is about 46 cm long.

You will get a similar pendant as shown in picture. 

Your well-being is important to us. Therefore we take extra effort to make sure all our crystals are thoroughly cleansed before shipping out.

* Please click here for Crystal Maintenance.


Please note that healing crystal meanings and properties are not equivalent to medical advice or substitute of medical treatment, and all the information provided in our web is based on a collection of research and experiences. And also as crystals and stones are made by mother nature, it is normal to find small holes, formation crack lines and little minerals of another on or inside them.

All the measurements are taken by eye and might be slightly different than the actual.

Crystal Tale does as best as we can to ensure the colors shown in pictures are as close as to the actual products at the environment where photos are taken. However, colour of crystals might vary under different lighting and we cannot guarantee that your computer/mobile phone monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

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