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HOME Bracelet

Home is the place we all eventually wants to go back to. A place that offers us comfort and serenity, as well as a place for us to recharge and recover in. And sometimes, HOME is a person: a partner, a best friend, or a soulmate.

The HOME bracelet brings across the message that regardless of where we are, we will always hold a part of each other within. In difficult times we remember the support that we have given each other, and in good times the joy that we have created for each other. It is a reminder that we are never lonely even when we are alone, for someone, somewhere, have given us a part of their heart in exchange for a part of ours.

HOME Bracelet - Crystal Tale

HOME bracelets come in a pair, and is made strictly out of 2 bracelets which energy coordinates harmoniously with each other. These bracelets and made specially for couples / best friends whom have been the emotional pillar support of each other.

There are endless combination to the HOME series. Come down, pick two bracelets, and let’s convert into your own HOME bracelets!

How to proceed?

  1. Check out with the 2 bracelets that you wish to make into a pair of HOME bracelets. 
  2. During check out, leave us a note like this:
    "Hi, I wanna make my HOME bracelet with Rose Quartz & Sodalite. The size for Rose Quartz is ___cm & Sodalite is ___cm." 
    (Please fill in the underline accordingly. If you picked a combination whereby their energy are not match, we will contact you and discuss with you for other good matching options.) 

P.S.: We can help you send it to your love one too.! Delivery fee is applicable, please contact us to find out more. For $20 & above singlet bracelet, we will provide free normal mail.