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Amethyst Raw Point
Amethyst Raw Point
Amethyst Raw Point
Amethyst Raw Point
Amethyst Raw Point
Amethyst Raw Point

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Amethyst Raw Point

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Focus / Mind / Memory/ Clarity / Intuition / Energy / Spiritual / Protection / Pain / Crown Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst may be one of the most common available crystals in the world, yet this crystal’s ability is one of the most powerful. It has a high vibration energy that will guide one to clarity so as to obtain better focus towards what the wear wish to achieve.

As Amethyst helps to calm or stimulate brain activities as appropriately, it is useful for those whom are having insomnia till to overthinking, as well as for relaxing, relieve worry and smoothen panic attacks.

Amethyst also improves our memory and decision making, and clears the fogginess of a tired mind, which makes it useful for students and people who does lots of mental work. 

Amethyst is also a spiritual crystal that heighten our intuition, enhances higher states of consciousness and expands our awareness. It is also an excellent stone to block off psychic attack.

It boosts our immune system, aids in relieving headaches, and reduces or cuts bad habits.

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Product Description:

You will get the exact piece as shown in picture. 

Message from Crystal Tale:

Amethyst point is powerful. These Amethyst Point can help to clear our head at great speed. I will recommend to keep 1 piece at office and hold it whenever mind gets tired. 

To get the best effect, hold it with your left hand for right-handed (verse visa) with the point pointing right upwards. 

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