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Amethyst Tumble

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Focus / Clarity / Energy / Spiritual / Protection / Pain

Amethyst may be one of the most common available crystals in the world, yet this crystal’s ability is one of the most powerful. It can help to release stress. It has a firm energy that will guide one to clarity so as to obtain better focus towards what the wear wish to achieve.

Amethyst helps to simulate brain activities and also clears the fogginess of a tired mind, which makes it useful for people who does lots of mental work. It is also an excellent stone to block off psychic attack. It helps the wearer to stay still and hence helps in relaxing and relieves worry and panic attack.

It is great for relieving headaches and to reduce or cut bad habits.

Product Description:

You will get a similar tumble as shown in picture. 


Message from Crystal Tale:

Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals as it helps me to remove the blockages of my head. Despite of being a common crystal, Amethyst is indeed a strong crystal. 

This batch of Amethyst is with lighter energy which is better at enhancing awareness as well as refreshing/calming the mind.

If you are looking an amethyst which is better at enhancing mental proceed and keeping your thoughts more focus, Chervon Amethyst Tumble will be a better option.

Your well-being is important to us. Therefore we take extra effort to make sure all our crystals are thoroughly cleansed before shipping out.

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