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Chrysoprase Bracelet
Chrysoprase Bracelet
Chrysoprase Bracelet
Chrysoprase Bracelet
Chrysoprase Bracelet
Chrysoprase Bracelet

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Chrysoprase Bracelet

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Peace / Emotions / Calming / Compassion / Forgiveness /  Patience / General Health / Heart Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

Chyrsoprase is a strong Heart Chakra crystals that promotes joy, happiness, compassion and forgiveness. It also useful for people with depression and anxiety.

Chrysoprase brings calmness and patience; it helps in overcoming compulsive and impulsive thoughts and actions, preventing us from speaking out without thinking of our anger.

Chrysoprase is also known as a stone for attracting new love and abundance. It prepares our heart to be ready for new relationship by overcome past disappointment, as well as helping us in identifying patterns and habits in relationship that doesn't serve us well, so that we can release it before it causing history to repeat.

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Product Description: 

You will get a similar bracelet as shown in picture. 

Wrist size (Inner Perimeter) :

Up to 16cm 

Please let us know your size during checkout, we can reduce to smaller. If you need a bigger size, please contact us.

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