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Gold Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Gold Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Gold Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Gold Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Tiger's Eye* Bracelet

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Focus / Energy / Protection / Luck / Confidence / Will-power/ Logical Thinking/ Grounding / Stomach / Solar Plexus Chakra / Base Chakra

Tiger's Eye has been used as talisman for protection and against ill wishes, as well as a stone for good luck.

Tiger's Eye is also a stone of personal empowerment. It gives us will power for success, confidence and courage to face and overcome challenges. It also allows us to recognize our own talents and abilities, as well as issue to be overcome.

It helps our mind to focus and analyze logically, and eases fear and anxiety by balancing our emotional.  

Tiger's Eye is good to relieve tired eyes,releases toxins, alleviates pain and is helpful in repairing broken bones and strengthening the alignment of the spinal column.

There are 3 kinds of Tiger's eye: Gold, Red & Blue:

Gold Tiger Eye focus more on bringing confidence and will power. However it might cause frustration for quick temper person. On the other hand, Blue Tiger's eye helps in calming.

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Product Description:

You will get a similar bracelet as shown in picture. 

The high quality gold Tiger's Eye are handpicked to eliminate those with the black dots and only keep those with outstanding bright reflective colours.

Wrist size (Inner Perimeter) :

Gold - 8mm - High Quality -  Up to 15.8cm
Gold - 10mm - High Quality - Up to 15.5cm
Gold - 12mm - High Quality - Up to 15.8cm
Gold - 10mm - Normal - Up to 15.5cm

Please let us know your size during checkout, we can reduce to smaller. If you need a bigger size, please contact us.

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