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Palo Santo Wood Bracelet

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Crystals Maintenance / Cleansing

Palo Santo, means holy wood, is a sacred wood that is being traditionally used for cleansing negative energy in South America for centuries.

In Peru, shamans will burn Palo Santo sticks and use the smoke to do cleansing in rituals.

Palo Santo has to finish it vital cycle before it is ready to extract for  Essential oils and make into incense sticks. Therefore the Palo Santo must fall by its own and no Palo Santo tree is harmed.

Palo Santo has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.

Besides for crystals and space cleansing, Palo Santo wood also helps in calming and relaxing, as well as refreshing our mind.


Essential Oil

Using Palo Santo essential oil for cleansing crystals and space is the easiest and fastest way. Simply by mixing few drops of it with water and apply onto crystals can cleanse away negative energy within seconds.

Palo Santo essential oil can also be used together with air humidifier for space cleansing, especially in office for consistent space cleansing and protection against negative energy such as stress and tension.

Palo Santo Bracelet

Wearing a Palo Santo bracelet brings calmness as well as to provide protection against negative energy of our surrounding. 

As tree oil of the wood will transmit into air throughout time, it will be good to replenish it by tapping some essential oil onto it regularly. 


Product Description:

100% natural Palo Santo wood

Each 10ml bottle is made by approximately 34 to 40 pieces of woods. As it is highly concentrated, please dilute it before applying to skin (usually it is alright while in touch with finger tips) . 

You will get a set as shown in the picture of each option (random colour for spray bottle.

Instructions will be attached when you receive it. 


Message from Crystal Tale:

 Palo Santo can cleanse crystals up to 90% or more in a short time. Since you only need to use a small amount each time, it can last you a long time! It can also be used to cleanse space and our aura.

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