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Happiness / Positive Energy / Luck / Cleansing / Stomach / General Health / Detox /  Solar Plexus Chakra

Amber is used by pregnant mother to protect from her from danger. It is usually given to the child for the same reason.

This fossil is excellent to banish fear and has no place for negative. It will brighten up your day with vibration of the sun.  

Amber works well in clearing stomach discomfort, helps in digestive system and providing energy for wearer who gets tired easily. It is good for increasing better blood circulation in the body.  

*Amber is a natural form of fossil resin, care is needed. Please refrain from soaking or wiping with harmful agent ; salt water, silver cleaning liquid etc. Do not apply Palo Santo Oil directly, but you may use the diluted Palo Santo oil with water spray.

Message from Us:

Amber is excellent for giving me strength to lift up negative thoughts. It does have a stronger energy thus it may be good to use with some gentle crystal.