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Happiness / Success / Positive Energy / Luck / Confidence/ Will-power/ Logical Thinking / Clarity / Focus / Cleansing / Stomach / General Health/ Crown Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is a well-known crystal of manifestation, abundance and success. It helps us in achieving our goals by promoting logical thinking and analyzing skill, strengthening our concentration and will-power, and helping us to stay positive and confident.

Citrine has a highly strong vibration, yet light and refreshing energy. Besides giving out positive energy, it also has a cleansing ability which is much stronger than other crystals.

Citrine is also a joyful crystal that help raising self-esteem, releasing fear and overcoming depression.

Common Citrine tends to have a stronger grounding effect that helps in stabilizing and focusing.

Untreated Citrine is usually lighter in colour. It has a more powerful cleansing ability and is more refreshing.

Message from Us:

Some people are selling Lemon Quartz as Citrine. Though their properties are very similar, their energy are quite different. Citrine feels like the sun; it is useful for high intensity working environment which needs lots of concentration and energy. Lemon Quartz feels like the wind; it is good for calming and clear energy blockage of the body.