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Relaxing / Clarity / Focus / Energy /Protection / Cleansing / LuckGeneral Health / Pain Relief for Eyes / Crown Chakra/ Third Eye Chakra / Solar Plexus

Ametrine consists of 2 minerals, Amethyst and Citrine.

Having the properties of Amethyst and Citrine, this stone enhance the wearer to be more creative to ideas and generating positive solutions. It can help to lift up one’s energy, brings clarity, reduce judgment towards others. Ametrine allows one to lighten up. It brings constant smile and teaches ... “Life is not that serious, enjoy the process”. It also helps one to balance physical, mental and also aids in clearing emotional exhaustion.

Today, this mineral is only available in small quantities, making it hard to be process to bigger accessories thus the availability is getting rare.

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Amethyst may be one of the most common available crystals in the world, yet this crystal’s ability is one of the most powerful. It has a high vibration energy that will guide one to clarity so as to obtain better focus towards what the wear wish to achieve.

As Amethyst helps to calm or stimulate brain activities as appropriately, it is useful for those whom are having insomnia till to overthinking, as well as for relaxing, relieve worry and smoothen panic attacks.

Amethyst also improves our memory and decision making, and clears the fogginess of a tired mind, which makes it useful for students and people who does lots of mental work. 

Amethyst is also a spiritual crystal that heighten our intuition, enhances higher states of consciousness and expands our awareness. It is also an excellent stone to block off psychic attack.

It boosts our immune system, aids in relieving headaches, and reduces or cuts bad habits.

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Citrine is a well-known crystal of manifestation, abundance and success. It helps us in achieving our goals by promoting logical thinking and analyzing skill, strengthening our concentration and will-power, and helping us to stay positive and confident.

Citrine has a highly strong vibration, yet light and refreshing energy. Besides giving out positive energy, it also has a cleansing ability which is much stronger than other crystals.

Citrine is also a joyful crystal that help raising self-esteem, releasing fear and overcoming depression.

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Message from Us:

I have once a client who purchased this for his young teenager son, a boy who view things seriously and have issue lightening up.  3 weeks later, the feedback I received is that he was able to smile more and engage in conversation with people better.

Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals as it helps me to remove the blockages of my head. Despite of being a common crystal, Amethyst is indeed a strong crystal. 

Citrine is an excellent healing crystal for the Solar Plexus Chakra, and it can work on Crown Chakra as well, which means it can help our mind to be more clear.