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Relaxing / Spiritual / Calming / Peace / Self-love / Crown Chakra / Heart Chakra

Magnesite promotes relaxation and meditation, as well as improving visualisation and images. It awakens the Heart Chakra and encourages self-love, which is necessary before accepting love from others.

Magnesite can aid unconditional love in relationships with people who are difficult due to their behaviour or addictions. It helps you be calm and let the other person be themselves without changing them or being impacted by their problems.

Magnesite reveals all self-deception and helps identify unconscious ideas and sensations and investigate their causes, going back in time if required. It boosts life optimism. Magnesite helps egotists slow down and teaches patient listening.

Magnesite calms emotions, enhancing stress tolerance. It helps worried and fearful people overcome irritation and intolerance.

Magnesite aids in easing headaches and migraines; it may also speed up fat metabolism and disperse cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and angina.