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Green Opal

Emotional healing / Relationship / Self-love / Calming / Inner Peace / Clarity / Heart Chakra

Green Opal brings peace and sensuality. Its calming vibration helps us recuperate from stress. It restores our emotional strength. Green Opal aids in releasing fear, shame, and guilt. It's a great stone for self-love, gently reminding us that when we take care of ourselves and nurture our hearts, we're stronger and better equipped to care for others. Green Opal promotes passion and loyalty in romantic relationships.

Green Opal inspires us to see beauty in our daily lives. It inspires us to be our authentic, fascinating selves and fuels our imagination and inventiveness. Green Opal aligns Chakras, deepens meditation, and balances yin and yang energy.

Green Opal enhances our discernment, assisting us in sorting through complicated information and accurately identifying the areas that deserve our attention. This discernment also allows us to make better decisions about people and situations, allowing us to devote our energy only to people and opportunities that serve our highest good.