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Focus / Mind / Memory/ Clarity / Intuition / Energy / Spiritual / Protection / Pain / Crown Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

Even though amethyst is one of the most common crystals in the world, it has one of the most powerful effects. It has a high vibrational energy that will help you get clear so you can be more focused on what you want to do.

Amethyst helps to slow down or speed up brain activity as needed. Because of this, it can help people who can't sleep or can't stop thinking, as well as those who want to relax, feel less worried, or stop having panic attacks.

Amethyst also helps us remember things and make better decisions. It also clears the fog from a tired mind, which is helpful for students and people who do a lot of mental work.

Amethyst is also a spiritual crystal that makes us more intuitive, helps us reach higher states of consciousness, and makes us more aware. It is also a great stone for protecting against psychic attacks.

It makes our immune systems stronger, helps ease headaches, and reduces bad habits.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is the same family as the Amethyst, that grows with Quartz. Due to distinct ‘V’ shape lines separates the white(quartz) and the purple(Amethyst) area, they are sometimes named as Band Amethyst or Dog tooth Amethyst.

It helps to increase the wearer's inner drive, concentrate, and illuminate personal growth. Chevron Amethyst can aid to cleanse the body of negative energy deposits and enhance the immune system. It can aid in better sleep since it relaxes the mind.

Message from Us:

Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals as it helps me to remove the blockages of my head. One of our client feedback that amethyst improves his memory and allows him to remember his chord better while playing guitar. 

Generally, Chervon Amethyst has the similar properties as Amethyst, except that as there is more Quartz (white), it will be stronger for the Crown Chakra and more calming and relaxing than Amethyst.