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Beryl is the family of Aquamarine and Morganite.


Relaxing / Calming / Communication/ Protection / Cleansing / Thyroid / Throat Chakra

Aquamarine is a great stone of communication. It encourages clarity and objective mind frame during expression of speaking. It’s extremely useful for those whom tends speak too direct and quickly, and those whom wish to improve in communication skill.

Aquamarine is one of the most calming crystal which energy closely resemble to water. It has such cooling effect that washes negative thoughts and emotions, and replace them with peace and harmony. And with its cleansing ability, It dissolves any direct blasting of anger energy towards the wearer. Hence the wearer may remain compose and not react.

Aquamarine helps in throat issue, especially thyroid. 

Green Aquamarine is similar to Blue Aquamarine; it focuses more on emotion issues and for the lungs.

Message from Us:

Aquamarine is so far the best crystal for calming that I have came across. Wearing it actually cools my temper down to a good 70%. It helps me to stay balance before an angry me speaks. That helps me to avoid further issues from erupting. Aquamarine also can help to relax our organs and has a cooling effect, very suitable for hot weather. 


Relationship/ Emotions / Love / Relaxing / Clarity / Cleansing / Patience / Heart Chakra / Sacral Chakra

As we grow, past disappointments and bag experience accumulated in our heart, which we often hide away from our consciousness. Morganite is powerful emotional healing crystal, that helps to open a channel at our Heart Chakra and Sacral Chakra to release unresolved emotional deposit, old wounds and hidden traumas.

It’s extremely useful for those whom have been through tough relationship, and those whom wish to do a spring cleaning of the heart, so as to receive more love and joy in life.

Being a crystal of Divine Love, Morganite’s high vibrational energy fill our heart with love, promote patience, and encourages loving thoughts and action. As Morganite heals us and soften our aura, it helps to attract love into our life and improve relationships.

Message from Us:

Morganite is my top recommendation for emotional healing, as it has a much powerful effect that other crystals such as Rose Quartz. There was once when I was working on our new shipment of Morganite, I felt my eyes were getting wet, energy at my Heart Chakra trying to open it and release energy that was trapped inside.

Many have experience tearing or feeling upset without knowing why while using Morganite, it’s just that our Morganite is trying to help us to release those unsolved emotions which sometimes we are not ever aware of their existence.