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Crystals Maintenance

Crystals and minerals will last us a long time, but only on the condition that we look after them.

Crystals are like us, if they are kept working, they will get tired, and throughout time, they might not be able to recover to their original state. Therefore, try not to wear/use them 24/7.

Some said that certain kinds of crystals never need cleansing, however, based on our experience, they might just need lesser, but they cannot self-cleanse once they are overloaded. 

Under different environments, crystals will react differently. For example, if your working environment is tense, the crystals' appearance tends to change faster, as they help to absorb negative energy or provide energy for you.

In a busy city such as Singapore, our environment consists of higher negativity caused by high population density, stressful & intense lifestyle, heavy mobile usage/coverage and etc.

Under such hectic circumstances, our crystals have more work to do and absorb more negative energy on our behalf. Such amount of negativity is beyond our crystals’ ability to neutralise it by themselves.

To maintain their performance, it is always easier to cleanse or energise them on a regular basis. For those that you wear daily, we recommend cleansing them as often as possible: daily, as in the Singapore environment, or at least every 2–3 days. 

For those whom need more help from their daily crystals, such as those who just started using a new crystal bracelet /pendant, have high tension working environment and etc., we will recommend cleansing 2-3 times a day if you are using the Palo Santo essential oil solution (since it is extremely convenient and fast).

It is always good to use a combination of different cleansing methods, as each of them has its own strengths.

Throughout the years, we realise the best way to cleanse is to use Palo Santo, and charging by Sunlight and Carnelian & Red/Orange Agate . It is also good to use running water to refresh energy of crystals as well as to minimise the use of Palo Santo for cleansing.

Palo Santo Wood (Bursera Graveolens) 

Palo Santo, means holy wood in Spanish, is a sacred wood that is traditionally used for cleansing negative energy in South America for centuries. 

Our Palo Santo products are from an organization in South America that is actively doing reforestation to make Palo Santo sustainable.
  • Pros
    • High cleansing efficiency, especially while using the essential oil mixture
    • Much stronger purifying ability than other methods
    • Bring positive energy
    • Very convenient with the use of the essential oil mixture
  • Cons
    • Its scent is rather strong (though lots of our customers really like it).
    • Consumable (however, we lower our prices as much as possible, especially for our essential oil)

    White Sage

    White Sage is a traditional medicine plant of the Native American peoples, which is used for healing and ceremony. Due to its strong ability in cleansing negative energy, it is often used for cleansing spaces and a person’s aura.

    • Pros
      • Very strong ability in removing all kinds of energy
      • Can use for removing energy attachments, such as energy connection from others, which are affecting us
    • Cons
      • Remove positive energy too
      • Reset crystal programming and might take sometime for the crystal to adjust to the energy that suits us
      • Its scent is quite strong (though some people really like it).
      • Lots of smoke and ashes
      • Consumable (however, it's very affordable too)


    While Palo Santo cleanses away negative energy and brings in positive energy, White Sage can remove all kinds of energy, including both negative and positive energy, energy attachment, and crystal’s programming. Thus, for crystal cleansing, we recommend using Palo Santo for daily cleansing, while using White Sage every 1 or 2 weeks and follow by Palo Santo again to bring back positive energy.


    Other common ways for cleansing crystals are:

    Running water

    • Pros
      • It is be most convenient and easiest way. 
      • Usually can cleanse up to 70% (depending on crystal's condition)
      • Definitely better than nothing
      • Water element kind of crystals such as Aquamarine will enjoy it.
    • Cons
      • Prolonged rinsing might reset the crystal connection with the user and clear away the “programming “. To avoid that, best is to keep the rinsing to less than a minute, however it might not be enough to clear all negative energy.
      • Bracelet string breaks faster
      • Pendent crystal might drop out from frame
      • Fire element crystals such as Garnet do not like water.
      • A few types of crystals cannot touch water, such as Selenite and Pyrite.


    A regular 5- 10 sec rinsing helps to freshen up our crystals. Sometimes right after a meeting or leaving a place that we don’t feel good about, rinsing method will be a convenient way of getting rid some of the negative energy.

    Salt water

    • Pros
      • It is an economic and easy way
      • Cleanse better than running water
      • Cons
        • Might cause damage for certain crystals as it’s corrosive.
        • Prolonged soaking might lead to hibernation of crystal energy (which is hard to wake them up to provide us their energy). Do not soak your crystals for more than 20mins.
        • A few types of crystals cannot touch water, such as selenite and Pyrite.
        • Some crystals don’t like it. (Each crystal has its own personality just like us!)


      This is a method that we rarely use as most of the time we don’t feel our crystals enjoy salt bath. We only use salt bath with Palo Santo essential oil and a range of other methods for cleansing Black Tourmaline as it tends to capture more negative energy due to its strong protecting effects.


        • Pros
          • 100% free & natural!
          • Extremely convenient for place like Singapore
          • Fire element crystals and Sunstone like it
          • Effective way of charging 
          • Moderately cleansing effect 
          • Sunstone loves it
        • Cons
          • Prolonged sunning causes negative energy stuck inside. Do not leave it under hot sun for more than 5 mins. Max 10 - 15mins each time, too long or too hot might cause negative energy to trap inside
          • Depend on crystal condition, may need to repeat sunning for a few times.
          • Water element crystals don’t like it.


        Our crystals always love an occasionally sun bath as it helps to recharge. But do take note not to sun them with the amount of heat and time that can cook an egg. For example, under Singapore usual sunny day, about 5-10 mins during 11am to 2pm. It’s hard to advise the exact time for sun bath due to irregular weather changes, just make sure you won’t cook your crystals, okay? 🤣

        Sometimes our crystals might take longer for recharge, thus, we can let them take a 20-30mins break in between before another sun bath.

        For those whom tend to feel tired and drained, you should consider giving your daily use crystals more sun bath to recharge them.


        • Pros
          • 100% free & natural!
          • Moderately charge crystal 
          • No worries about prolong moon bath, totally safe
          • Good for intuitive crystals
          • Water elements crystals and moonlight like it.
        • Cons
          • Only available few days per month
          • Require to moonbath a long time (yet moon shifts quickly, argh..)
          • Quite limited cleansing only
          • Depend on crystal condition, may need to repeat for a few times.
          • Might not be useful for some crystals (e.g. how will Sunstone love the moon?)


        Moon bath will be a very good way to recharge and enhance our intuitive crystals such as Moonstone for sure, Labradorite, Amethyst, Lapis & etc..

        But do not rely on it as your one and only cleansing method as it is never enough for heavy usages for our SG intense environment and lifestyle!



          • Pros
            • Nearly effortless - Just place your crystal on top or in touch 
            • Good choice for daily cleansing crystal of moderate usage
            • Sustainable (with regular maintenance)
          • Cons
            • Might not be able to fully cleanse heavy usage crystals (e.g. tense lifestyle, bad environment, great needs of crystal's help & etc)
            • Not be able to self cleanse if we overload it.
            • Cannot touch water. Need to cleanse with Palo Santo Wood or sage in regular basics (perhaps every 2 - 4 weeks?)


          Selenite can self cleansing if the amount of negative energy it helps to cleanse is not more than its capacity. The advisable ratio of Selenite to crystal to be cleansed is not smaller than 2:1. Allow your Selenite to rest by itself for at least the same amount of time used for cleansing or more.

          However, to avoid overloading your Selenite, cleanse it as often as possible, so that it won’t accumulate too much negative energy.

          Usually we use Palo Santo for cleansing and only use Selenite to keep with our already cleanse crystals as to maintain its “cleanliness” while we are not using them, as even if we are not using our crystals, they will still help us to absorb away those surrounding negativities.

            Clear Quartz

            Clear Quartz
            • Pros
              • Nearly effortless - Just place your crystal on top or in touch 
              • Good choice for daily cleansing crystal of moderate usage
              • Helps to recharge crystals (not as good as Carnelian though)
              • Sustainable (with regular maintenance)
            • Cons
              • Might not be able to fully cleanse heavy usage crystals (e.g. tense lifestyle, bad environment, great needs of crystal's help & etc)
              • Need to cleanse it in regular basics (perhaps every 2 - 4 weeks?)
              • It amplifies energies, regardless of positive or negative  

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