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Crystals Maintenance

Crystals and minerals will last us a long time, only on the condition that we look after them.

Crystals are like us, if they are kept working, they will get tired, and throughout time, they might not be able to recover to their original state. Therefore, try not to wear/use them 24/7.

Under different environment, crystals will react differently. For example, if your working environment is tense, the crystals' appearance tends to change faster, as they help to absorb negative energy or provide energy for you.

To maintain its performance, it is always easier to cleanse or energize them in regular basis. For those that you wear daily, we recommend to cleanse them twice a week or once a week.

Some said that certain crystals never need cleansing, however, based on our experience, they might just need less, but they cannot self-cleanse once they are overloaded. 

The most common ways for cleansing crystals are:

Running water

  • Pros
    • It is be most convenient and easiest way. 
    • Usually can cleanse up to 70%
    • Definitely better than nothing
  • Cons
    • It may reset the crystal's energy, and need some time to get adjusted to its owner again.
    • Some crystals cannot touch water.
    • Bracelet string breaks faster
    • Pendent crystal might drop out from frame

Salt water

    • Pros
      • It is economic and easy way. 
      • Cleanse better than running water
    • Cons
      • Salt is corrosive, might cause damages
      • Same as running water


  • Pros
    • 100% free!
    • moderately charge and cleanse crystal 
  • Cons
    • Max 10 - 15mins each time, too long or too hot might cause negative energy to trap inside
    • Depend on crystal condition, may need to repeat sunning for a few times.

Throughout the years, we realise the best way for cleansing is to use Palo Santo Wood, and Carnelian for charging. For more info, please go to respective produce page below.