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Communication / Relationship / Calming / Peace / Throat Chakra / Heart Chakra / Base Chakra

Chrysocolla reminds us of our Mother Earth through its beautiful turquoise-blues and greens. It brings serenity, and soothes negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and guilt.

Chrysocolla is a stone of communication, that connects us to our inner wisdom, and empowers our feminine energy to express ourselves wisely with a gentle approach, as gentleness allow things to work better than clashing with harshness. As such, makes it a great stone to promote good relationship.

Chrysocolla resonates with all Chakras, but mainly with Throat, Heart and Base Chakra.

Message from Us:

Chrysocolla is a softer mineral. It might turn "blurry" when it reacts with certain chemical products such as perfume or detergent. DO NOT soak it with salt water.