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How to find your right crystals?

by Crystals Cube

All of us have our own intuition on the kind of crystals or the particular piece we need. Thus, one of the best ways is to observe and feel which piece in particular attracts us the most.

Finding Crystals

One good advice to pick the right crystals is to trust our instinct. It can be done simply by looking around and see which piece attracts our attention the most. Interestingly, even after identifying a particular crystal that attracts us, most of us would still look through a few more pieces before deciding on one. (Yes, it’s our human nature of wanting to have more choices to compare and choose from 🤣) However, we may still end up picking the very first one we set our eyes on.

It is because, every single piece of crystals is unique like us. Even though they may have the same healing properties, they each have their own differentiated energy signature/characteristic. For example, all rose quartz share these common properties, but the intensity or emphasis on calming, loving, smoothing properties will differ from one stone to another.

Subconsciously, we can sense and know that this particular crystal is what we need, or sometimes we sense the calling from a certain crystal.

However, with more exposure or knowledge on crystals’ properties, we could be distracted by our own mind. For example, if we have trouble with focusing, we assume that it is related to our mind. With this assumption, we conclude that we should be looking for a crystal that resonate with the mind, but on the contrary, it could be due to other reasons such as grounding issues. 

Energy Reading

Therefore, we are offering a Basic Consultation & Energy Reading to assist each individual on finding their most compatible crystals.

How to find the right crystal by yourself?

You can start by looking into the group of crystals that share the same properties that you are interested in. And from there, find out which type of crystals attract you the most.

Crystals By Properties

To better assist you in finding the right crystal quickly, we are mapping a list of crystals suitable for different uses, with introduction of the top few recommendations and their respective explanations.

Crystals By Chakras

You may also take a look at Crystal by Chakras list to understand what each chakra represents and find out what might be applicable.