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Focus / Energy / Luck / Motivation / Passion / Courage / Grounding / General Health/ Spleen / Blood Circulation / Base Chakra 

Red Garnet Is all about relationship. This crystal is helpful in bridging better relation with all people. Business people use this stone to improve luck and to open opportunity.

Red Garnet helps to restore energy in tired body and cultivate alertness. Use Red Garnet to restore lost passion and drive in all aspect of life.

Red garnet purifies the blood and stimulates better metabolism system. It works on supporting the Spleen well.

Hessonite Garnet

Focus / Energy / Luck / Courage / Grounding / General Health / Sacral Chakra 

Hessonite is regularly used for good luck, prosperity, happiness and health. It also good for boosting self-respect, and eliminating guilts and fear.

Message from Us:

I have once experience with Red Garnet for sleeping. I was looking for my other bracelet and wore the red garnet, all thanks for the darkness. I was surprisingly well rested the following day which I haven’t get this kind of quality sleep for a long time.

Red garnet has a strong Fire element, it might cause more frustration for those whom tends to get frustrated easily. You may consider to use it together with Rose Quartz to tone down its "aggressiveness".