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Clarity / Focus / Will Power / Logical Thinking / Spiritual / Intuition / Positivity / Protection / Cleansing / Grounding / Third Eye Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra / Base Chakra

Pietersite is a stone of clarity that aids in clearing confusion and enable us to see things in a bigger picture. Through strengthening our inner awareness, it clears belief imposed by others.

Pietersite is also a powerful high energy stone that bring positivity, and greatly strengthen our will-power, confidence and intuition. It helps in making decision and clearing suppressed thoughts and emotion. Thus, Pietersite is a great stone to assist one in achieving goals and dreams.

Pietersite can improve hormones regulation and absorption of nutrients.

Different colours of Pietersite resonate with different chakras:

Blue – Third Eye Chakra

Golden – Solar Plexus Chakra

Red – Base Chakra

Message from Us:

Pietersite feels like a few times stronger version of Tiger’s Eye without the fiery energy. It greatly enhances my will-power, confidence and determination. At certain moment of our life, there are times when we feel demoralized or tired. Holding a Pietersite helps to bring us back onto our feet, so that we can continue pursuing our goals.