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How we handle our crystals?

Crystals are reactive to their surrounding energies. Besides giving out their unique energies, they will also absorb energies. After being mined, the crystals have been through many hands and different places, such as miners, factories for polishing, workers, warehouses and etc.. And they will more or less pick up some negative energies from these. 

Therefore, after we received our new shipment of crystals, depending on their conditions, we will spend up to a week to purify their energies. Cleansing methods  consist of 1 or more of the following:

As our motto is to offer the best help we could to our customers, we make extra effort to cleanse them once again, and energized them before shipping them out, so that our customers could have their crystals functioning at their best. This is also the reason why, we sincerely hope that our customers will visit our Crystals Maintenance page and do cleanse their crystals regularly.