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Pink Opal

Emotional healing / Relationship / Love / Self-love / Inner child / Inner Peace / Heart Chakra

Pink Opal is an amazingly strong crystal when it comes into contact with one's heart.

It activates and awakens our heart chakra, acquainting our aura with relaxing, soothing vibrations.

Pink Opal is an excellent crystal to carry if you're dealing with sadness, especially that of a wounded heart. It will support your emotional body after a breakup, the loss of a loved one, or even long-distance relationships.

Pink Opal encourages us to search within and develop our bonds with our inner selves. We get stronger as individuals as we build this relationship.

It teaches us that we don't have to rely as heavily on our loved ones and we are capable to be as a whole with ourselves alone. And as we do so, we can have more homogenous, loving relationships with others.

Pink Opal enhances your originality while demonstrating your inner strength and love. Turning inwards and starting to work on yourself helps to relieve emotional tension on the heart and intellect.