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Green Apatite

Emotions / Happiness / Relaxing / Luck / Heart / Lungs / Heart Chakra

Green Apatite helps in empowering one to achieve goals, enriching one in personal development. It is an abundance stone for financial manifestation.

The energy of this crystal is relaxing like the flow of waterfall and is most suitable for people who are highly stress for a long time as it release a higher vibration to remind both the mind and body to relax and let go.  

Green Apatite is helpful in nourishing the heart and lungs from daily stress and tension.

Message from Us:

While most Apatite is blue, Green Apatite is rare variety.

Green Apatite one of the two crystals that I can feel my lungs are more relaxed and made be to take deeper breath while holding on to this. It also makes me feel more uplifted.