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Protection / General Health / Pain / Head / Throat / Chest / Abdominal

Shungite is a powerful stone which is about 2 billion year old. It can block away electromagnetic radiation from electrical devices such as computers and mobile phones, which is absolutely useful in our daily life. 

Shungite is also an amazing stone with great healing power. It reduces pain, detox, recorrect ailment issues and nurse headaches. It can also help one to clear negative energy in a palace to a positive one. 

Shungite is one of the only known natural source of fullerenes, a powerful antioxidants. It also has been used for purifying water as it helps to clear bacteria, heavy metal residue etc. 

It is also a grounding stone which helps us to feel stable and focus.

Message from Us:

Shungite has a high content of carbon. Therefore, sometimes black residue will be observed after handling Shungite.

Before this, I was using Black Tourmaline to block radiation from computer. However, I realised that, despite Shungite is more costly, it actually has a stronger effect of blocking radiations. As I am very sensitive to energy, after using my laptop for some time, I feel uncomfortable sensation at my hands. But right after I put on my Shungite bracelet, that uncomfortable feeling eased off quite quickly.

I have been having some headaches, and after wearing my bracelet, it goes away. 

Shungite's energy is very interesting. It is very different from other stones and crystals, and it is hard to put into words. It has grounding effect, but more as "heavy" as Black Tourmaline. 

Since Shungite is good at blocking radiation, it is advisable to clean regularly with Palo Santo Wood.