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Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

Protection / Radiation / Focus / General Health / Pain / Grounding / Earth Star Chakra

Black tourmaline is a famous crystal for blocking negativity, radiation and warding off negative people. It helps to absorb the negative, disrupting vibes and restore peace.

Black tourmaline is also one of the strongest grounding stone that helps in stabilizing emotions and discharging negative energy from our body. It is helpful for those who tend to get distracted and lost focus.

When paired with other crystals, this stone can help to block off vibration, allows the energy of the crystals to perform it’s needed task, thus making Black tourmaline a good choice for grid.

Black Tourmaline can help to restore immunity system and relief pain especially for bones and veins. It is also being used in making health bracelet as tourmaline produce negative ions.

Message from Us:

Black Tourmaline is commonly used as a protecting crystal against bad energy and radiation from computer, mobile phone and etc. As its energy is heavier, it may not suit everyone, and it requires more frequent cleansing. You may consider Black Rutile for a lighter energy and stronger protection effect and Smokey Quartz for lighter energy.

Black tourmaline also help us by absorb negative energy. Thus, do cleanse it more often for the best effect. It is one of those crystals that we will take days to cleanse upon arrival.