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ENCHANTED Protection Crystal Pouch
ENCHANTED Protection Crystal Pouch
ENCHANTED Protection Crystal Pouch

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

ENCHANTED Protection Crystal Pouch

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Our ENCHANTED Collection is specially designed with a particular purpose in mind according to how the energies of different crystals interact and complement each other to achieve the best effects of synergy.


Our ENCHANTED Protection Pouch is hand-picked to provide user a well-balanced protection and assisting in discharging negative energy from our body smoothly, with 3 types of crystal:

  • Smokey Quartz
  • Bronzite
  • Black Tourmaline

This ENCHANTED Protection Pouch helps:

  • Blocking negative energy and people.
  • Repelling ill wishes or intention
  • Stabilizing emotions and discharging negative energy from our body.


So often in life, we allow undeserving people to drain us, or simply influence us with their negativity. While its sometimes alright to want to share or help, its just not right when it keeps happening!

Because... real friends won’t keep dumping negativity on you. And even if they are doing so because they can't help it, you have to help yourself stay protected to stay afloat.

Our ENCHANTED protection pouch is designed to provide user a well-balanced protection and also assisting in discharging negative energy from our body smoothly, with 3 types of crystal:

Black Tourmaline

Protection / Radiation / Focus / General Health / Pain / Grounding / Earth Star Chakra

Black tourmaline is a famous crystal for blocking negativity, radiation and warding off negative people. It helps to absorb the negative, disrupting vibes and restore peace.

Black tourmaline is also one of the strongest grounding stone that helps in stabilizing emotions and discharging negative energy from our body. It is helpful for those who tend to get distracted and lost focus.

Black Tourmaline can help to restore immunity system and relief pain especially for bones and veins. It is also being used in making health bracelet as tourmaline produce negative ions.

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Smokey Quartz

Focus / Cleansing / Radiation / Pain / Grounding / Earth Star Chakra

Smokey Quartz provides a supportive protection especially against psychic attack or ill intention. It is one of the gentle grounding crystal, it helps to lift up mood and not compromising the grounding needs for the wearer.

Smokey Quartz helps to strengthen the motivation needed to help one to achieve goals and changes. It is an excellent crystal for blocking against radiation from electronic devices, planes and other radioactive machines.

Its powerful yet smooth energy can bring us calmness and cleanse our negative energy gently. Smokey Quartz helps in relaxing tired eyes and relieve backaches.

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Clarity / Protection / Self-confidence / Grounding/ Pain / 

Bronzite(Family of Enstatite)  , one of the best protection stone available. This is the only stone that blocks and actually repels any ill wishes or intention back to the initiator. Wearing this stone could help in boosting confident and brings a firmer energy, so that the wearer will be in a more stable position for things ahead.

It strengthens non-judgmental discernment, promote decisiveness by highlighting our most important choices.

Bronzite is helpful in relieving body tension and also helps in getting rid of stress tension on stomach.  

Bronzite is recommended for cleaning often as it may feel heavy after a few rounds of wearing due to absorption of negative vibes around.

Product Description:

You will get a similar set as shown in the pictures.

The last picture shows the best crystal energy synchronising sequence for this set. For optimal results, hold them or place your receiving hand (left hand for right-handers, and commonly right hand for left-handers) in this sequence for at least a 30 minutes session per day. While practising this, you can do other things such as watching TikTok and playing mobile phone.

* Please click here for Crystal Maintenance.


Q: Why smokey quartz?

A: (A secret for you!)

Despite being a powerful protective and grounding crystals, the energy of black tourmaline is too “heavy” for most peoples energy, unless certain individuals need extremely strong grounding.

Thus, we blend in the smoothing and refreshing energy of smokey quartz with black tourmaline, so as to create a comfortable balancing energy for our customers.

Those customers of ours with higher sensitivity really love it.  😊