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A: We handle our crystals gently with love, activate them, giving them regular cleansing, etc..  Click here to find out more!

A: Mainly from Brazil & Africa (and all over the world… too much to mention 😅)

A: Yes! Crystals are a gift from our mother nature to help us in our life. However, crystals are meant to support us in improving our well-being and making changes according to our will. How much it can helps vary according to individual.

Thus, Crystals Cube’s energy reading includes free intuitive guidance for individuals to work together with their crystals in manifesting their own success!

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A: They can help us to certain extent, but not in the sense of winning lottery. (If having a citrine will definitely win lottery, there won’t be Citrine in market, because those miners would be retired 🤣 )

And a Rose Quartz can’t help us to find romance while all we do is the same, having our old social networks, staying at home, and wait for our Mr. or Ms. Right appears at our doorstep. (Well, nothing is impossible, perhaps the handsome or pretty Mr. Or Ms. Right is the CEO of a delivery company might decided to run delivery to our doorstep? ?)

Their purpose is to help us in making positive changes, so as to improve our well-being. Such as: enhancing our thinking process, so that we can progress better at work; being more open and having a more loving aura, so that we can get better relationships, etc..

Do note that crystals is not a substitute for medication etc.. We would still need professional medical care as necessary. Crystals are just to help us to enhance.

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A: Firstly, before people ask us for help, they need to treat us nicely, isn’t it? Similarly, we need to take good care of our crystals, giving them necessary cleansing/charging/rest, and treat them as how we hope to be treated. (If your boss abuse you, keep making you do overtime, paying you peanuts, and taking you for granted, you might want to quit also.) For more information, visit our Crystal Maintenance page.

A: Click here to find out more!

Under a single bright light source, some crystals form a cat's eye effect, a reflective line, on the round surface. Such reflective line moves along as we turn the crystal. 

Star effect occurs as 2 or 3 such reflective lines intercept with each other. 

Crystals like Star Rose Quartz or Star Garnet tend to have stronger energy than those without.

Crystal Tale does as best as we can to ensure the colors shown in pictures are as close as to the actual products at the environment where photos are taken. However, colour of crystals might vary under different lighting and we cannot guarantee that your computer/mobile phone monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

The videos are meant for showing the shape and patterns/features of the stone. Despite we tried our best to adjust the colour as close to the actual item as possible, colour might vary especially when the camera kept automatically making its own adjustment while shooting the video. Please refer to our photos for better colour reference.