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ENCHANTED - Crystal Bracelets & Pouches

by Crystals Cube

Putting different crystals together is like those herbs being used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the ratio and types of crystals used differs according to different purposes. And each piece of crystal has its own energy’s characteristics.

Our ENCHANTED Collection is specially designed with a particular purpose in mind according to how the energies of different crystals interact and complement each other to achieve the best effects of synergy.

ENCHANTED Crystals Bracelets

For each bracelet, we emphasis on even the little details such as the energy of every bead used, the sequence and directions of stringing according to the energy flow, so as to create a beautiful harmonious combination of energy.

If you would like to have a bracelet that is delicate to your specific purposes, or if you are uncertain about what suits you the best, you may conduct an online energy reading or visit us in person for our Personalized Healing Bracelet service! 😊


Let’s see the bracelets!

ENCHANTED Crystals Pouches

Each tumble in the pouch is hand-picked according to how its own energy’s characteristics synchronize with their follow team members to achieve the magnificent symphonies of energy.

ENCHANTED Crystal set