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Palo Santo - Crystals & Space Cleansing

How do I cleanse my crystals?
Palo Santo!


Palo Santo - Crystals & Space Cleansing

Palo Santo, means holy wood in Spanish, is a sacred wood that has been traditionally used for cleansing negative energy in South America for centuries.

In South America, shamans will burn Palo Santo sticks in rituals for cleansing. Some Catholic churches also use it during ceremonies.

Palo Santo has to finish its vital cycle before being ready to make into incense sticks and extract essential oils. Therefore, the Palo Santo must fall on its own, and no Palo Santo tree is harmed.

Palo Santo has sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon.


- Crystals & space cleansing 
- Bring positive energy
- Calming & relaxing 
- Clarity of mind 
- Protection against negativity
- Relieve pain (essential oil form) 

Message From Us

Our Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) products are from an organisation in South America that is actively doing reforestation to make Palo Santo sustainable. Dead Palo Santo are gathered with support from its surrounding Indigenous community.

As we hope for our customers to receive the best help from crystals and our mother earth, we try our best to lower our price so that it's affordable and encouraging for more regular cleansing 😊

Palo Santo stick, incense powder & essential oil
Which is better?

Palo Santo Stick

As we need to use the smoke of Palo Santo for cleansing, the stick provides better mobility and tidiness than its powder form while cleansing space and our body, as we need to move and smudge around.

The stick might stop burning after a while and need to be lit again, but the advantage is that we can always extinguish it and continue to use it for the next time.

It is also convenient for holiday use, since certain hotels’ energy is not so great (beware of smoke detectors); We can use it to purify our room.

How to use Palo Santo Stick?

Palo Santo Powder

Palo Santo Incense Powder

Something that we are using daily in our shop as it will continue to burn once lit up and create more smoke than the stick, which is excellent for general space cleansing at a faster speed. 

*Do make sure the burning powder is not near any flammable items.

How to use Palo Santo Powder?

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Very convenient for a busy and/or lazy person like me 🤣. Just need to mix a few drops of the Palo Santo essential oil with water, spray and spread the mixture onto our crystals, job done!

The mixture can be used for aura and space cleansing too. Useful for tense working environment.

Palo Santo essential oil can be applied to the aching areas for pain relief, as well as cleansing our chakras, such as our chests, when we feel overwhelmed. 

*Please test if your skin is sensitive before applying widely. Dilute it if necessary.

As we hope for our customers could receive the best help from their regularly cleansed crystals, we price our Palo Santo products as low as possible. 😊

How to use Palo Santo essential oil?



Q: Oh, any kinds of wood/essential oil can be used for cleansing?

A: Not all kinds of woods or essential oils could have such powerful effects. Due to all these above-mentioned amazing effects, Palo Santo is, and therefore, named as holy wood.