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Mind / Widen Perspective / Calming / Communication / Spiritual / Third eye / Throat Chakra 

Sodalite is a very good communication stone for the inner self. It helps to open up a wider perspective, allow one to understand instead of holding on to one sided view.

Sodalite can also help to encourage self acceptance, boost esteem and help one to communicate honest and truth in harmony way to others.

It is good at enhancing our mental aspects, such as clearing thoughts, analyzing and intuition etc..

Sodalite offers a calming and grounding energy to counter panic attack, anxiety etc. This stone is said to help in soothing digestive system, for better rest and lower high blood pressure. 

Message from Crystal Tale:

Sodalite is one of my favorite stone. It helps to calm my mind and declutter my thoughts, which enhance my focus. It will be a good choice for student and those who need to use lots of mental power, or have a busy mind.