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Relaxing / Communication / Clarity / Intuition / Cleansing/ General Health / Pain / Third Eye Chakra/ Throat Chakra / All Chakra 

Blue Kyanite is high vibration crystals that enhances calmness, tranquility and intuition. During meditation, it can help one to ease into mediation quicker and to allow better meditative experience.  

Blue Kyanite is a powerful crystals that can instantly align all our chakras, cleanse away unwanted negative energy (such as blockages, confusion and frustrations), and restore the smooth flow of energy in our body. 

By bringing clarity and smooth grounding, Blue Kyanite  encourages perseverance and ease anxiety, and allows us to remain focus on needed task.

As a Throat Chakra crystal, Blue Kyanite encourages self-expression and communication, and assists us in finding ways to bridge different beliefs and ideas.

Message from Us:

Kyanite is a strong vibration crystal that is useful for cleansing and aligning our chakras. While using with other crystals, together, they form a much more powerful energy. For example, to cleanse the Heart Chakra, you may use a Rose Quart with Kyanite.

Many have said that Kyanite never need to be cleansed as they do not absorb negativity. Speaking from experience, my own Kyanite does absorb negativity, and same for my other customers.

Kyanite like other crystals such as Citrine & Selenite, will still need to be cleansed if the amount of negativity is more than their self cleansing capacity. (Click Here to find out more)