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Relaxing / Focus / Clarity/ Cleansing / Amplify / Positive Energy / Confidence / Will Power / Patience / Stomach / Crown Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra / Base Chakra

Some might called Septarian as Dragon Stone as its appearance reminiscent of dragon eggs.

Septarian consists of Yellow Calcite, Aragonite (brown) , Limestone or Chalcedony (gray) and sometimes Barite (white).

Like Golden Calcite, Septarian is a gentle cleanser; it transmits nourishing energy in a smooth and steady way, which make it suitable for everyone, and works really well with other crystals. It helps heighten alertness and gives a positive energy to help stimulate positive drive to work on goals or issues.

Its Aragonite content give out a grounding effect that helps to discharge our negative emotions, improves endurance and promotes patience. Aragonite also aids in concentration and provides insight into the causes of problems and situations.

Septarian aids in digestive system and soothe the stomach off discomfort.