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Focus /  Emotions / Energy / General Health 

Tourmaline consists of a variety of the family; namely

Blue(Indicolite) / Paraiba Tourmaline, the most expensive of the entire collection colors of Tourmaline, these selection are excellent for healing of the throat meridian. The energy eliminated by blue and Paraiba works on the higher self awareness and promotes tolerances at the same time allowing peace to centered in both mind and body. It can help the body to restore fluid imbalance, soothes fatigue eyes and relax the brain.

Pink/Red (Rubellite) / Purple Tourmaline works largely on the heart meridian. Use this crystal for stubborn old issues that one has problem clearing. The energy is strong, yet firm and gentle. It awaits patiently, guiding and has endlessly massive gentle energy to steer the user to let go and restore peace. Making tough issue easier to clear. Use this to support depression issues, strengthen the heart, lungs and the endocrine.

Green Tourmaline works like a forest of fresh air. It helps to clear still energy residing in the body. Renewing a positive stamina to the heart, It is suitable for people who finds it hard to open up matters of the heart or have lost interest in everything. Green tourmaline nurse hurt or trauma, allowing one to feel resuscitate. It helps the nerve, veins and immune system to restore. 

Yellow Tourmaline provides a strong positive energy, like an army of sunlight. Giving stamina to those who needs positive support in driving out negative thoughts. This crystals helps to calm people who constantly has hype energy. It helps the stomach and intestine to relax.

Brown Tourmaline( Darvide) can help those who find it hard to mingle with people, It introduce comfort and security to being who we really are. It is a sweeper, helps to clean our Aura and brings massive gentle anchoring to our energy. 

Tourmaline is also being used in making health bracelet as tourmaline produce negative ions.

Black Tourmaline

Message from Us:

Tourmaline's energy is a about few times stronger than the common crystals. As these bracelets consist different kind of Tourmaline, it is very suitable for people who want to get a single bracelet that can cover more areas. I also find this as a great present for elderly to enhance their health and energy level.