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Pink Tourmaline with Quartz Tumble
Pink Tourmaline with Quartz Tumble

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Pink Tourmaline with Quartz Tumble

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Emotions / Emotional Healing / Love / Self Love / Energy / High Vibration / Calming / Heart Chakra / Crown Chakra

Pink Tourmaline works largely on the heart meridian. This crystal can be used for stubborn old issues that one has problem clearing. Its energy is strong, yet firm and gentle. It awaits patiently, guiding and has endlessly massive gentle energy to steer the user to let go and restore peace. Making tough issue easier to clear.

Pink Tourmaline is a great crystal to promote self love.

Pink Tourmaline can support depression issues, strengthen the heart, lungs and the endocrine.

Tourmaline is also being used in making health bracelet as tourmaline produce negative ions.

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