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Rose Quartz

Relationship / Emotions/ Relaxing / Love / Pain / Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is also known as the Love stone, as it rekindles love, repairs/improves relationships, and, most of all, helps us open up to receive love and help from others.

Being the Love ambassador in the crystal kingdom, Rose Quartz is suitable for everyone. Besides bringing love into our lives, it's also great for fixing our broken hearts and helping us to release those negative emotions so that our heart has room for love and joy to enter.

Wearing a Rose Quartz helps to ease frustration and provides comfort to those who tend to feel anxiety and stress. Sleeping with a Rose Quartz can also enable better rest, especially for those who have trouble sleeping due to excess thinking or worries.

Message from Us:

Rose Quartz is useful for people who do a lots of PR work. It can also smooth the aura of a strong character person so as to make others feel more approachable. Like one of my clients, after she used her rose quartz bracelet, she realised that her friends were going to share with her more.

It is an excellent crystal for clearing past emotional issues. Sometimes we might not be aware of it consciously, yet it is affecting our behaviour and attitude towards our surroundings. Some clients of mine will recall past issues and burst into tears after using Rose Quartz. This is a way of releasing, and after doing so, they feel much lighter.

Using Rose Quartz together with Green aventurine can further enhance the feeling of joy and emotional healing.

Strawberry QuartzRose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone work extremely well together in improving relationships and finding love, especially for those who are portraying a stronger personality.