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Clear Quartz

Relaxing / Clarity/ Cleansing / Amplify / Manifestation / All Chakra / Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz is probably one of the crystal that exist in the widest form of natural structure and texture.

One unique feature of Clear Quartz is being an energy amplifier. It can be placed or used with other crystals to multiple their effects, or hold to meditate with, to strengthen our manifestation in our goals through the law of attractions. 

Clear Quartz has a refreshing energy that helps in relaxation, and cleanse away those negative energy in our aura and body.

Although Clear Quartz can be used for all chakras, it works best for the Crown Chakra. By removing the blockage at our Crown Chakra, Clear Quartz brings better focus and clarity.

Message from Us:

As Clear Quartz is a good amplifier, I usually use it together with other crystals for enhancing and strengthening. And also when I want to add some refreshing energy. 

Some might use Clear Quartz for cleansing other crystals. It does help to cleanse, but only up to certain level,and Clear Quartz does need to be cleanse too. So usually, I use it for cleansing my own aura/body, or place with other crystals to help to maintain the "clearness" of their energy. Because even when we are not using our crystals, they will also help us with the surrounding.