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Petrified Wood

Patience / Grounding / Focus / Balancing / Base Chakra / Earth Star Chakra

Petrified wood is a fossil of wood that formed by replacement of minerals after millions of years.

As it may consists of Jasper, Agate and/or Chalcedony, Petrified Wood helps to balance our energy.

Petrified Wood has an excellent grounding effect which is extremely useful for those whom have issues in focusing on tasks and easily distracted. Unlike Black Tourmaline that might be too strong and “aggressive” for some people, Petrified Wood is suitable for everyone and its grounding effect is stronger than Black Obsidian.

Petrified Wood can help in adopting to changes and improve patience.

Message from Us:

Petrified Wood is one of my top recommendations for people whom have trouble in focusing due to lack of grounding.