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Blue Chalcedony

Calming / Relaxing / Communication/ Balancing / Throat / Lungs / Throat Chakra

Blue Chalcedony has a smoothing energy that bring peace and calmness, which helps us to dissolve tensions and regain our balance. It is a stone of creativity that encourages new ideas and acceptance of new situations. Beside bringing more patience, blue chalcedony also promotes listening and communication skill.

Physically, blue chalcedony helps in reducing inflammation, lower blood pressure and smooth sore throat. It is one of the few stone that is particularly good for lungs, especially for smokers. 

Message from Us:

The most outstanding attribute that I notice from blue chalcedony is how it enhances my lungs capacity.

I tend to have shallow breathing and while I'm using blue chalcedony, I could feel my breath is deeper and my mind is cleaner as my body receive more oxygen.