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Red Garnet* Bracelet
Red Garnet* Bracelet
Red Garnet* Bracelet
Red Garnet* Bracelet
Red Garnet* Bracelet

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Red Garnet* Bracelet

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Focus / Energy / Luck / Motivation / Passion / Courage / Grounding / General Health/ Spleen / Blood Circulation / Base Chakra 

Red Garnet Is all about relationship. This crystal is helpful in bridging better relation with all people. Business people use this stone to improve luck and to open opportunity.

Red Garnet helps to restore energy in tired body and cultivate alertness. Use Red Garnet to restore lost passion and drive in all aspect of life.

Red garnet purifies the blood and stimulates better metabolism system. It works on supporting the Spleen well.

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Product Description:

These are the better quality Red Garnet which has a strong energizing energy and is more fiery than the common one. Although it might cause more frustration for those whom are quick temper, it is very useful for those whom are physically drained, need more motivation, or need more courage. 

You will get a similar bracelet as shown in picture. 

Wrist size (Inner Perimeter) :

Up to 16cm

Please let us know your size during checkout, we can reduce to smaller. If you need a bigger size, please contact us.

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