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Beryl (Aquamarine & Morganite) Bracelet

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Relaxing / Communication/ Protection / Cleansing / Relationship/ Emotions / Clarity Throat  / Lungs

Beryl is the family of Aquamarine and Morganite.


Aquamarine encourages clarity and objective mind frame during expression of speaking. A calming crystal whose energy closely resemble to water, it has such cooling effect that washes negative thoughts and replace them with peace and harmony.It truly dissolves any direct blasting of anger energy towards the wearer. Hence the wearer may remain compose and not react.

Aquamarine helps in throat issue, especially thyroid. 

Green Aquamarine is similar to Blue Aquamarine; it focus more on emotion issues and for the lungs.


Morganite is great for people who want to strengthen relationship or clear issues with the heart. It has a strong vibration that is suitable to clean unresolved emotional deposit, old wounds or hidden traumas.

This stone can also assist in identifying unfulfilled needs and lead gently, those in resistance to healing of the heart to recovery. 

The cooling effect of the crystal could assist to calm those who have lungs or throat issues.

Product Description:

Both kind consist of Aquamarine, Green Aquamarine and Morganite.

You will get a bracelet as shown in picture.


Wrist size (Inner Perimeter) :

10mm - High Quality - Up to15.9cm
10mm - Good Quality - Up to16.2cm
Please let us know your size during checkout, we can reduce to smaller. If you need a bigger size, please contact us at .


Message from Crystal Tale:

Aquamarine is so far the best crystal for calming that I have came across. Wearing it actually cools my temper down to a good 70%. It helps me to stay balance before an angry me speaks. That helps me to avoid further issues from erupting. Aquamarine also can help to relax our organs and has a cooling effect, very suitable for hot weather. 


Your well-being is important to us. Therefore we take extra effort to make sure all our crystals are thoroughly cleansed before shipping out.

* Please click here for Crystal Maintenance.


Please note that healing crystal meanings and properties are not equivalent to medical advice or substitute of medical treatment, and all the information provided in our web is based on a collection of research and experiences. And also as crystals and stones are made by mother nature, it is normal to find small holes, formation crack lines and little minerals of another on or inside them.

All the measurements are taken by eye and might be slightly different than the actual.

Crystal Tale does as best as we can to ensure the colors shown in pictures are as close as to the actual products at the environment where photos are taken. However, colour of crystals might vary under different lighting and we cannot guarantee that your computer/mobile phone monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

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