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Crystals for Dealing With Toxic Relationship

As we have encountered many people whom are or have been in a toxic relationship, we decided to list out some crystals that helps during the relationship, as well as recovering from it.
Crystals for toxic relationship

Toxic relationship tends to give out negative energy and draining. And if it’s abusive, chances are, there will be some manipulation and demoralizing verbal attacks that make us lost our self-esteem. The victim of such relationships could be both male and female, and it could happen in all kinds of relationships such as: romance, friendship, working relationship and even family.

During the relationship


Besides giving protection against negativity, Pietersite helps us to clear confusion imposed by those toxic/abusive partners who is trying to make us feel wrong in everything we did, and clear those negative beliefs imposed by them, especially those that they make you feel small.

As time passes in such relationship, we tend to lose confidence or even the will to cut it off as they tend to emotional blackmail us or applying peer pressure onto us.

And Pietersite is a strong crystal that can bring positivity, strengthen our will power and confidence, helping us to regain back our true power of saying “NO” to such toxic relationship and be firm enough to walk away.