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Moss Agate Crescent Moon

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Moss Agate Crescent Moon

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Relaxing / Clarity / Calming / General Health/ Pain / Recovery / Heart Chakra / Base Chakra

  • Attracts abundance.
  • Speeds up recovery. 
  • Good crystal to boost health. 
  • Enhance persistence & endurance. 
  • Balances emotions & reducing stress. 
  • Release fear. 

Moss Agate is classified as Chalcedony instead of Agate family. It is helpful in recovery of any parts of the body, reduces pain and helps tissue and cells to repair.

Moss Agate helps to boost the immune system and improves circulation. It also promotes confidence, and reduces fear and stress.

It also aids at moving forward in stagnant situation and communication too.

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