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Amazonite Fox Ring
Amazonite Fox Ring
Amazonite Fox Ring
Amazonite Fox Ring

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Amazonite Fox Ring

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Emotion / Relaxing / Communication / Mind / Pain / Thyroid / Throat Chakra / Heart Chakra

Named after the Great Amazon River, this stone is often seen in green with yellowish strip or total pastel greenish blue.

Amazonite calms our mind and enable us to see solutions in wider perspective. It is suitable for people who have difficulty in transmitting their thoughts to their speech correctly or who are shy in speaking the truth about sensitive topics. 

Amazonite also helps us to understand ourselves better and realize what our heart truly wants, as well as smoothing emotions.

It is also good for clearing electron magnetic smog from electronic products and gadgets.

Amazonite can help to relax muscle and balance the thyroid.

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Product Description:

Adjustable. Set in copper (which is a strong conductor of energy and can help in clearing energy blockages), white gold plated. 

To protect the crystal, a thin layer of resin is applied as coating.

You will get a similar ring as shown in picture. 

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