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Black Rutile (Tourmalinated Quart) Tumble
Black Rutile (Tourmalinated Quart) Tumble
Black Rutile (Tourmalinated Quart) Tumble
Black Rutile (Tourmalinated Quart) Tumble

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Black Rutile (Tourmalinated Quart) Tumble

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Protection / Cleansing / Calming /  Focus / Grounding / Crown Chakra / Earth Star Chakra

While Black Tourmaline being the most well-known stone of protection, Black Rutile is a total level up. It is a combination of Black Tourmaline formed together with Clear Quartz. As Clear Quartz is a great amplifier, protection effect is multiplied.

Besides having both properties of those 2 crystals, Black Rutile has some additional unique effects.

Black Rutile can filter away surrounding negativity and block away ill wishes, as well as cleansing and energizing our aura and body. It’s extremely useful for those whom are sensitive with surroundings. And unlike Black Tourmaline, it has a much lighter and cooling energy that is suitable for everyone.

Black Rutile also encourages one to release phobia, worries and anxiety, and assist in letting go of issues that no longer serve us.

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