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Blue Fluorite Tumble - RARE!
Blue Fluorite Tumble - RARE!
Blue Fluorite Tumble - RARE!
Blue Fluorite Tumble - RARE!
Blue Fluorite Tumble - RARE!

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Blue Fluorite Tumble - RARE!

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Relaxing / Emotions / Cleansing / Clarity / Learning / General Health / Third Eye Chakra/ Throat Chakra / Heart Chakra 

Fluorite is a soothing and gentle crystal that is able to help align the body to balance, cleanse negative emotions, and is suitable for everyone. It can be used in calming anxiety, over worrying or stressful mind, and assists in having a better rest. 

As Fluorite helps one to absorb information and digest for processing quickly, it is extremely useful for new working environment and study.

Fluorite can also be used for protection against electronic magnetic smog. And it is also a good crystal for general health and flu.

Fluorite of different colours has some additional properties:

Blue Fluorite resonates with the Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra. It brings calmness and clarity to mind, enhancing creativity and helping us to organize thoughts. It is helpful for eyes, nose, ear and throat problems. 


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