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Chervon Amethyst Raw
Chervon Amethyst Raw
Chervon Amethyst Raw
Chervon Amethyst Raw

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Chervon Amethyst Raw

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Focus / Mind / Memory/ Clarity / Energy / Spiritual / Protection / Pain /General Health / Crown Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

Chervon Amethyst is a variety of Amethyst that grows together with Quartz, and having the properties of these two.

It helps to boost the inner drive needed, helps to focus and enlighten personal growth for the wearer. Chervon Amethyst can clean up negative energy deposit in the body and helps to strengthen immune system. As it calms the mind, it can help to achieve better sleep.

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    Product Description:

    You will get a similar piece as shown in picture. 

    Message from Crystal Tale:

    These Chervon Amethyst Tumbles have an intense and strong energy which is at enhancing mental proceed and keeping your thoughts more focus. They are excellent if you are looking foward on strethening your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

    If you are looking an amethyst which is better at enhancing awareness as well as refreshing/calming the mind, you may consider Amethyst . 

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