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ENCHANTED Emotional Healing Crystal Pouch - Artemis
ENCHANTED Emotional Healing Crystal Pouch - Artemis
ENCHANTED Emotional Healing Crystal Pouch - Artemis

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

ENCHANTED Emotional Healing Crystal Pouch - Artemis

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Our ENCHANTED Collection is specially designed with a particular purpose in mind according to how the energies of different crystals interact and complement each other to achieve the best effects of synergy.


Our ENCHANTED Emotional Healing Pouch is hand-picked for emotional healing of past unpleasant experience so that our heart have room to receive new desirable experience:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Green Aventurine

This ENCHANTED Emotional Healing Pouch:

  • Powerful combo for emotional healing
  • Brings loving energy to our heart
  • Releases past negative emotions
  • Promotes self-love
  • Ease negative emotion


Both Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine is the healing crystal for the heart chakra, excellent healing crystal for emotional healing. Each of us has been through more or less some emotional issue in the past. Be it a romantic relationship, family, friendship, etc., most of the time, we just bury them deep in our hearts, thinking that we have moved past them. However, without truly releasing it and getting healed, it will always be there, affecting us consciously or unconsciously.

Both of these two kind of crystals can help us pull out whatever memories we tried to hide, so deep that we almost forgot, and allow us to cleanse our hearts so that there will be space to be filled with something new, something more beautiful.

I have discovered that when these two are paired up, the combination of energy creates a very joyful and strong emotional healing effect. So I have especially handpicked them and paired them up according to their energy; hopefully they will get to those who need them.  

With love,

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Product Description:

You will get a similar pair as shown in the pictures.

The best crystal energy synchronising sequence for this set is to hold the rose quartz  towards your wrist direction with Green Aventurine touching and below it. For optimal results, hold them or place your receiving hand (left hand for right-handers, and commonly right hand for left-handers) in this sequence for at least a 30 minutes session per day. While practising this, you can do other things such as watching TikTok and playing mobile phone.


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