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Kunzite Pendant
Kunzite Pendant
Kunzite Pendant

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Kunzite Pendant

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Relationship / Emotions / Relaxing / Clarity / Cleansing / General Health

Kunzite is usually referred as the collective of Spodumene, which is the lilac or pink variation of it. Spodumene can go from milky transparent to super clean translucent, and forms in pink, lilac, green, yellow, white, gray, colorless and brown.

Kunzite is a stone that teaches unconditional love. It allows one to level troubled emotion turmoil, open up one to accepting love, trust. And teaches one to let go .It is a strong vibration stone and is capable to take tough heart issues to resolving status.

Product Description:

This pendant is very clear and near gem variety. The whitish ‘strips’ are striated prisms which are usually opaque but in these bracelets are close to translucent. As it is hardly available these days, all clear or gem Spodumene are expensive in the market.

The frame is made of copper coated with silver. Copper is a good conductor of energy and can helps to clear blockage.

You will get the exact pendent as shown in picture. 

Message from Crystal Tale:

Kunzite is high vibration yet smoothing crystal that resonate with the Crown chakra and Heart chakra.

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