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Labradorite Pendant
Labradorite Pendant

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Labradorite Pendant

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Clarity / Spiritual / Intuition / Protection / Pain / Crown Chakra / Third Eye Chakra / Throat Chakra

Labradorite is known as the stone of magic. It strengthens intuition, calm overactive mind, and enhances creativity for problem solving. It also helps to navigate and face challenges / life obstacles.

It promotes intellectual thoughts with intuitive wisdom that allows us to find the root of issues and see true intentions behinds thoughts and actions.

Labradorite can be used to stop energy leakage from our aura and helps to protect against negative energy.  It also helps in easing pain.

Labradorite can be used for all chakras; it works best for Crown Chakra, Third eye Chakra and Throat Chakra. And it is strongly recommended to those who wish to enhance in their intuition. 

*Not recommended for sleeping with as it stimulates dreams, however it is useful for those whom would enhance in dreams recalling.

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Product Description:

These batch are mainly not having reflective colour sheen, while some might have a little. Regardless, they still have Labradorite energy. 

You will get a similar piece & a free black necklace (45+5cm) as shown in picture.

Crystals are intuitively picked and send to you; if you would like to choose, you're welcome to visit our retail shop to pick personally :)

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