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Peach Selenite Tumble
Peach Selenite Tumble

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Peach Selenite Tumble

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Transformation / Emotional Healing / Clarity /  Protection / Cleansing / Solar Plexus Chakra / Sacral Chakra

Peach selenite has a reputation for being a powerful healer and a stone of transformation.

Peach selenite provides us with a sense of calmness so that we can focus better when starting something new. It also helps us grow spiritually and mentally, and strengthens  our intuition.  Like White Selenite, it can also be used for protection and to cleanse our aura.

Peach Selenite can help us become more self-aware, increase self-esteem, and have stronger determination.

It is also a crystal for emotional healing, as it converts negative energy into positive feelings like love, compassion, and acceptance.

We may use it to heal old emotional wounds, such as heartbreaks, abandonment, and betrayals. And it is best to use it with Heart Chakra crystals such as Rose QuartzPink Chalcedony and Pink Opal.

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Product Description:

Selenite is a soft and water-soluble mineral. Avoid water.

You will get a similar tumble as shown in picture. 

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